Meet our Leaders


Kristian Rosvall,

The man with the plan. Kristian had been delivering sales training for many years when he realized that our training could have had much more impact. Driven by the belief that there must be a better way to deliver staff training, "A Smarter Way" was developed.
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Ovidiu Oancia,
IT Director

Every modern training organisation has cutting edge software platforms supporting their programs. So do we! The man behind our software solution is Ovidiu who drives development and constant improvement of the technical side of things.
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Agnieszka Jaworska,
Director of Operations

Agnieszka is responsible for operations & global program delivery. She works with our program managers to ensure consistent delivery across 79 countries. She is the driving force behind making each and every program a success for our clients.
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Åke Anesten,
Finance Director

Åke is responsible for our financial well-being and he also takes care of our greatest asset - our people! We believe that by creating a professional working environment in which people feel comfortable, they will produce outstanding results.