What makes an effective training program

Repetition, Feedback and Practice. Without repetition, one hour after training, the learner only remembers 44% of what has been taught. It is essential that sufficient opportunity for practice is given to give knowledge a foothold in the brain and to turn it into skill. Furthermore, repetition and practice will only lead to top performance if paired with regular feedback. 

We facilitate all three of these key activities for every individual in your organisation on a weekly basis. Our cutting edge delivery method provides you with the advantages of traditional training, such as personal interaction between coach and learner, whilst avoiding travel time and costs. This makes our programs one of the most effective training programs around and it will maximize your ROI on your training initiatives and drive business performance.  

Our coaches are experts in Value Selling, Customer Service and preparing global organisations for Product Launches. 

How It Works


Value Selling Training Program

Are your sales reps giving in to price pressure? We teach your sales force how to sell you products based on value rather than price. Price objections? No problem, we got that covered too.

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Customer Service Training Program

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile. We teach your staff how to properly interact with your customers. Phone manner, complaints handling, up-selling additional services, you name it.

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Overcoming staff training challenges

With staff training and development being a key piece of your successful business, your training initiatives need to have impact and guarantee lasting change of your staff’s behaviour.

“A smarter way” will assist you in understanding the challenges when it comes to staff training and help you to get the most out of your training initiatives.

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