Recruitment process

What can you expect during recruitment process?

The rules are simple. All you need to do to enter our recruitment process is apply by submitting your CV.

During the interview we can assure you that you will experience a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, similar to the one we prefer in our everyday work. Remember that for us the biggest value is your background, attitude towards work and personality.

Bear in mind that even if during the recruitment process you will not be hired for the position you have applied for there is always a chance that you might be considered for alternative positions, of course, if you are fine with it.

Below you may get familiar with particular steps that you can expect during recruitment process:


We are officially member of the Association of Candidate-Friendly Recruitment (Koalicja na rzecz Przyjaznej Rekrutacji), which assures Teknosell’s high standards and best practices in handling recruitment processes and candidate experience.

Recruitment Process

Job Application

Apply sending your CV through job portals we partner with or directly through our website, we carefully select our candidates who have applied for a job with us.

Language Test

If you fit the description of a candidate who seems likely to become a part of our team, you will receive a call from us in order to check your language skills.


If you pass our language test we will invite you for the meeting. If you are not based in Poznań the meeting will be conducted through Skype. During the meeting we will discuss experience you have earned and what you expect of us as your potential future employer. You will have the chance to speak with people you will be working with, which will give you the opportunity to get a clearer picture of what your potential role will be.

Competency Test

After our meeting, we will check your skills for the actual position you applied for so you will be asked to take our simple competence test.

Job Offer

If both parties are happy after this stage, we will send you a customized job offer and an invitation to join our relaxed multinational team.

Current Job Offers