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Does your corporate sales training program include results measurements?

Posted by admin on July 15, 2017

corporate sales training.jpegMeasuring staff training results is important. However, a McKinsey Quarterly report found that only 8 percent of organizations actually evaluate the value of training initiatives. In fact, those who do track results rarely go beyond surveying participants immediately after the event. You’re probably interested in knowing more than how well your sales staff enjoyed the training. Wouldn’t you like to determine what impact the training had on sales performance and behaviors? To get to this important information, your corporate sales training should include results measurements. To learn more about this evaluation process, read on.


  • Pre-training evaluation is critical if you’re going to quantify the outcome. You must know where your sales team members are starting so you may accurately measure their progress and determine behavioral change. There are many ways to set a baseline, such as sales measurements, activity measurements and pre-test results. Regardless of what method you use to establish your starting point, it needs to be individualized to ensure valid outcome data throughout the process. This information can then be combined to provide an overall starting point.


  • Ongoing progress reports should be included in your evaluation process. This documentation of individual progress is useful for management and participants, as well as to track improvements in behavior and results. These reports may be written, audio recorded or video recorded at regular intervals throughout the training process.


  • Post-training reports need to be created by the same method as the pre-training evaluation. This will allow for the measurement of progress from the beginning of the training process to the end-point of the training. These reports will allow you to show how much progress and behavioral change took place during the course of the program. Like the pre-training evaluations, this information should be individual and then combined to show overall results.


  • Training content application is best captured by a combination of sales rep and customer feedback plus observations of management or professional trainers. The feedback may be collected via surveys or interviews, and observations may be made in person or via video or audio recordings. The methods used will depend on many factors such as whether a sales professional is a field rep, inside rep or a combination thereof. It helps quantify how well participants utilize what they were taught during the program and the outcomes of this application.


  • Training content retention should be measured 3 and/or 6 months after the completion of the program. The method used should be like the one used for the pre and post training assessments. It will help document and quantify the longer-term impact of the program as well as capture results.


Results measurements should be included in your corporate sales training program. Otherwise, how will you ever know what behavioral changes and performance improvements occurred? Without these assessments you won’t have evidence of the value of the coaching and education you’ve provided.

Teknosell includes results measurements throughout the corporate sales training process. We document individual performance and progress at the beginning and along the way for quantifiable outcomes. To learn more about Teknosell’s training and evaluation process, or to start a program, contact us. You may qualify for a FREE 3-month pilot program!

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