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Philip Flygare, Senior Sales Manager, Sweden

Value Selling Program, Sweden

"In the beginning, I was slightly reluctant about the program, but it has turned out to be great, especially this part with repetition and the reflex answers, which comes more naturally now. Then obviously in real life it doesn’t always follow the same structure, but that doesn’t really matter, as long as we have those reflex answers ready.

I have definitely noticed a new tendency among my salesmen, especially the ones who have been stuck in the same patterns, of highlighting different aspects than they did before. You can clearly hear that when talking with clients, they back up their argumentation, falling back on this training."

Patrick Rung, Site Manager at Veho Bil Sverige AB, Sweden

Value Selling Program, Sweden

"I was with a customer on Monday, together with one of my salesmen, and then got a chance to listen to his argumentation. The funny thing was that on that particular occasion the customer asked exactly the same questions that you ask us. So, my salesman used the technique and the arguments that he and myself had been discussing throughout the program. I don’t know if one follows the argumentation technique consciously or subconsciously. However, I am completely sure that one does take advantage of it. At least for me and the salesman I’ve just mentioned - I am 100% certain that he has learnt and developed, based upon what we have been dealing with in the program so far. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is in detail, but it is definitely being used - this I’m absolutely sure of, as I can hear it listening to him."

Björn Janström, Head of MB Trucks, Sweden

Value Selling Program, Sweden

"I would definitely recommend this program for others, as a way to practise argumentation techniques. The most important thing is to continue over a longer period of time, and not only do it for one or two months, with repetition, repetition and more repetition.

Anyone who is really good at something has repeated it many times, and that’s how they’ve mastered it. So in short - repetition is the key to success."

Admir Begovic, Head of Sales Trucks, Sweden

Value Selling Program, Sweden

"Even though it is new salespeople that benefit most from the training, it also benefits the more experienced ones who think they already know everything - these salespeople also need to work continuously on sharpening their technique.

I definitely think that the program has been beneficial for the salespeople."

What if you would be able to accommodate the training, while your employee is at work, still being productive and working towards achieving your business goals? What if ongoing training was to tie into your staff members' daily routine and wouldn't even feel like training and therefore achieve actual behavioral change?

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Pavel Shapochkin, Service Processes Manager, Russia

Customer Service Program, Russia

"Teknosell offered us a completely new approach to train our service staff. After running the pilot, we see improvements in behavior and communication skills among our employees. The participants are more confident handling customer requests, orders are being processed faster and the quality of the service is much better. Our staff can participate in the training program without disrupting their daily schedules and they practice the skills with real customers from the very first call. Thanks to that, all much-desired good practices quickly become second nature to our staff.

What is more, the improvement in customer service skills was observed while our staff were using a brand new service scheme in our dealership service network in Russia and CIS countries. A central approach for delivery of this program will be a perfect solution for any organization with a wide network of dealerships, such as ours.

We are very grateful to Teknosell for highly professional work, client-oriented approach, ability to understand and help their partners."


Sergey Koudriavtsev, Business Services Manager, Russia

Customer Service Program, Russia

"We have been working together with Teknosell on delivering special coaching programs offered to our partners for over a year. It has been a great cooperation so far. We especially value their expertise and flexible approach, as well as the original content that is always tailored to the needs of particular companies. Our partners appreciate the innovative method that brings visible results within reasonable commitment from their side and possibility to control the progress and performance on each level."

Anders Bådholm, Regional Director, Sweden

Value Selling Program, Sweden

"We saw a significant increase in sales a direct effect of the program. There is no doubt that Teknosell's method is more efficient than other training methods. The fact that my staff members don't have to leave their work stations and can be trained ongoing, has enabled us to up skill them without compromising our productivity."

Value Selling



Are your sales people giving into price pressure? We teach every individual in your salesforce how to sell your products based on value rather than price. Price objections? No problem! We got that covered too. 


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Customer Service Training:


There are no traffic jams along the extra mile! We teach your staff how to properly interact with your customers. Phone manner, complaints handling, up-selling additional services or products, driving compaign goals, you name it! 

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"Teknosell helps us implement a new global strategy related to the a new product launch. Individual approach and effective training system distinguishes Teknosell from competitors."

Vladimir Mishin, Services Sales Manager, Scania, Russia

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