Why work at Teknosell

Why work at Teknosell?

We pride ourselves on being truly employee-oriented company. Teknosell is a great organization to work for, that's what we work towards, every day! Below you can find a list of benefits offered to our staff members.

Work in a foreign language

40 locations around the world, 70 employees of 22 nationalities

Home office

sometimes you might prefer to work from home

Remote work

work from the place that suits you best

Career & private life

96% of our staff confirm they enjoy their work-life balance

Testimonials from Team Members

I have been a business consultant for fifteen years and my father was a business consultant before me, and this has left me sick and tired of corporate cultures and clichés. When our rapid expansion started we therefore wanted to build a global team that is relaxed and fun to work with, yet super-efficient in delivering our brand new service. When I visit our office in Poznan I feel we have succeeded so far — every time I visit I see new faces, and it seems that team members appreciate our Scandinavian way of managing the company. Or at least they are smart enough to tell me so.

Kristian, CEO

I am very grateful that I got the chance to work at Teknosell and take part in this amazing venture. The opportunity to participate in building this extraordinary international team, as well as in creating a company where the needs, ambitions and aspirations of employees are well understood by their employer gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Marlena, Human Resources

I really enjoy working as a coach at Teknosell, because thanks to this I can combine my education with my passion for Russian culture and language. It’s also extremely rewarding to see how participants improve their value selling skills based on the feedback and advice I provide them with. So, not only do I feel my job is very useful, but it’s also very enjoyable!

Jedrzej, Coach and Programme Manager

I always feel fresher by working 6 hours ahead of my European colleagues, and coaching is so self-fulfilling that you never rush the job, but handle it at a more relaxed pace, just to make sure it has been done properly!

Jack, Mandarin & Cantonese Coach based in Guangzhou