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"People simply don't take the time to learn unless it feels relevant and it's embedded in their work"               (Harvard Business Review)


Although we are delivering staff training since 1987, in 2010 our CEO realized that our training could have much more impact if it was more contextualized to specific job roles and delivered regularly in "bite size chunks" without having to take people out of "work mode" for training. 



Do the following statements sound familiar?

  • Service & Sales
  • Workshop
  • Recruitment
  • HR
  • Training & Development

 “My Parts Managers’ main task is working out how much discount we can give on a particular part or service. It’s damaging our margins. How do I ensure people give good answers to questions such as “ Why should I buy your parts & service instead of cheaper alternatives”?"

“We are not using our workshop capacity as well as we could due to vehicles being booked in without checking parts availability. Vehicles come in and we know hardly anything, if not nothing, about the problem. I wish we could get our Advisors to collect more information before booking a vehicle.”

“Due to the industry shortage, Service Advisors are hard to come by. I have to pull my technicians out of the workshop to fill positions. How can we transition technically oriented staff members into confident sales people or Service Advisors?”

“Our turnover of Service Advisors is high. I relate this back to them not being equipped with the right skills to handle our demanding customers. Let’s not forget, if people bring their vehicles to us, they don’t want to do this as it means downtime. How can we train our staff to turn a negative reason for contacting us into a positive customer service experience?”

“We are understaffed as it is, I am having trouble freeing up my staffs’ time to send them to training and covering for them in the dealership. We can’t afford freeing someone up for a day, of which they probably only remember a few points when they return anyways. I wish there was a way to train my people at their workstations.”

How to overcome challenges with traditional staff training methods

With staff training and development being a key piece of your successful business, training initiatives need to have impact and guarantee lasting change of your staff’s behaviour.

This ebook will assist you in understanding industry specific challenges when it comes to staff training and help you to get the most out of your training initiatives.

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I would definitely recommend this program for others, as a way to practise argumentation techniques. The most important thing is to continue over a longer period of time, and not only do it for one or two months, with repetition, repetition and more repetition.



Björn Janström

Head of MB Trucks, Sweden

Even though it is new salespeople that benefit most from the training, it also benefits the more experienced ones who think they already know everything - these salespeople also need to work continuously on sharpening their technique.

Admir Begovic

Head of Sales Trucks, Sweden

Our partners appreciate the innovative method that brings visible results within reasonable commitment from their side and 


Sergey Koudriavtsev,

Business Services Manager, 

We saw a significant increase in sales a direct effect of the program. There is no doubt

Anders Bådholm

Regional Director


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"Personally I have found this training method 100 times better than face to face training as this holds you accountable each week to show progression"

(Participant, Service Advisor Coaching Program, Automotive, Australia)

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